Time to Face Facts

January 5, 2013
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Before you read this, whatever religion you may be, I want you to continue from this point forward with an open mind. Challenge your beliefs and don't rely on faith.

Lets get straight to the point. Creationism is stupid. The idea of it is illogical and there is a far better explanation of the universe that does not require an all knowing, all powerful and all loving God. The story of creation, says that God made the world in seven days. Correction, six days. On the seventh God was far too tired to continue with his work, so he had a rest(That part always amused me). God said "Let there be light" as to allow no-one to see nothing more clearly. He created the universe, with all it's faults with all it's failed galaxies and all exploding suns. He created earth, with all it's imperfections with it being the best, the best possible habitat for Humans -his ultimate purpose in creating all of this to begin with- to survive. He did this out of nothing. Ex Nihilo if you prefer. Poof, it was their. God, who is eternal, by definition must have been sitting there for an eternal amount of time when the idea for creating humans just occurred to him.

Now, to everyone reading this, this is a ridiculous claim.

The first better explanation I put forward is this. Why can't the universe be eternal. Why does it have to have a beginning. Creationists would say that of course it has to have a beginning, it would be illogical to say that something doesn't have a beginning. But, God, who created it is eternal. It can't be just be me who see's the inconsistency here? They can't have it both ways, yet they insist they do.

Next, and the most probable is the Big Bang Theory (No, not the rubbish TV show). The idea that the universe was created in an explosion of matter, which then went on to make galaxy's and so on. The red shift is clear evidence for the idea that the universe is expanding away from a single point. To me, the Big Bang is to all intense and purposes a fact just like evolution.

But, creationist will come back at you saying "How can something just come from nothing, that's illogical" I have two replies to that. First, you said exactly the same thing with God creating the universe Ex Nihilo. And second, I would suggest that they and you, look up Prof. Lawrence Krauss. He suggests a reasonable explanation for how something is to come from nothing. In lehman's terms he says that when anti matter and matter touch, they cancel each other out, and create nothing. Krauss suggests that this can be reversed as to create something from nothing.

The Big Bang Theory gives explanation to the universe without the need of a God. So why invoke something no-one understands to somewhere where it is not needed. Tell me, where is the sense in that.

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