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Moments of Blessings

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All of us longed to be accepted by others. The search for parental blessing is actually centuries old. It used to be such an occasion, for daughters and sons. Nowadays, this momentous event seems to fade in the background. Lets renew it!

The First Element of Blessing: Meaningful Touch.
Symbolically, touch was a graphic picture of transferring power or blessing from one person to another. Children are particularly affected by touch deprivation. Sometimes, the absence of touch can so effect a child that he/she may spends a lifetime reaching out for arms that will never embrace him/her. A researcher found that both the toucher and the one being touched receive a physiological benefit.
So healthy is meaningful touch, we ought to listen to Ralph Waldo Emerson “I never like the giving of hand, unless the entire body accompanies it.”

The Second Element of Blessing: Spoken Words.
In many homes, today, affectionate words are seldom spoken. For a child, lack of communication produce nothing but confusion. Many of us clearly remember the praises received by our parents but more of us can only recall the wretched comments passed by their parents to them. Moreover, these people often grow up taking their life to extremely unhealthy roads. It runs in the family, the reason the people don’t pamper their child with this bounty is they also suffered from lack of spoke blessing in their childhood.

The Third Element of Blessing: Expressing High Values.
Spoken blessing must carry the appreciation and admiration for the person it is spoken to. But when words of value are only linked to person’s performance, they lose much of their value. Those who have to perform to achieve a blessing, retain a nagging uncertainty about whether they ever really received the appreciation. We have to really look upon ones personality, pick out the spots where the person should be encouraged or even corrected. Or your loved one will feel lost or helpless, will think like “What’s the point of fussing about a job so much, when nobody like me efforts??”

The Fourth Element of Blessing: Picture a Special Future.
When someone assumes the future beholding some hope, it affects his or her attitude toward life. It gives them a positive direction to strive for. But if they believe (or are made to believe) that future contains some inadequacies, they can, spontaneously, tumble down to the path that has been pictured for them. Words that picture a special future act like a campfire on a dark night. They can draw a person toward the warmth of genuine concern and fulfilled potential.

The Fifth Element of Blessing: An Active Commitment.
The mortar that holds the first four element is this fifth element. Only words or touches can’t conquer mountains, they need to be backed with a commitment to do everything to help the one to succeed.

Blessing and discipline go hand in hand. We will not let the person we care about to stray in to a sin or be hurt in anyway.
A way we can demonstrate an active commitment is to become a student of those we wish to bless = listen to them with your full attention.

My prayer for every person who read this article of mine is that you will become a person of blessing. The cost is genuine commitment but the rewards may last a lifetime and beyond. You heal one. The healed one, now, heal another on. And it goes on.

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HamzawaseemThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Jan. 7 at 1:40 am:
great article! love it!
Madiha replied...
Jan. 7 at 10:09 am :
Thank you! =)
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