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December 12, 2012
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What is love? Is it the feeling you get when he walks in the room? Is it the spark you will when he touches you? If love were simply an overwhelming feeling that eventually passes, love would be overrated. While those "Butterflies" you get around him are wonder, they don't compare to what love really is.

But what IS love? Love is screaming at him through tears and then apologizing. Love is staying when leaving seems to be the only option. Love is being there for him even when he isn't for you. Love is kindness when it seems impossible to show. Love is seeing his faults, the ones that make you cringe, and loving him anyway. Love isn't never having to say you're sorry; it's the courage to say you're sorry even when you think you're right. Some people would think that this kind of love is boring or non-romantic. I disagree. It's through those fights and tears that a relationship becomes stronger and grows. It's through those trials that you find out what the Two of you are capable of handling and that's a beautiful thing. Those feelings? They are beautiful, but they are only a bonus of love. Love is so much more than feelings. It's commitment to that person through the good times and bad. If a couple can conquer the difficult trials in life together, they experience closeness like never before.

I want a love like that. I want to fight and cry and scream at him. I want to face trials with him. To me, and imperfect love is much more perfect for me than a "Perfect" love built on feelings. I want an imperfect, tragic, but beautiful love.

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