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December 8, 2012
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First moment of life, first breath, first view of your mother's eyes – these things remain as just a fond idea, rather than a memory mentioned repeatedly by the loved ones who witnessed it. The feeling of being wrapped in your mother's arms, her smile, your father's joy as he welcomes you into his world as his little girl – these hopes and dreams slowly diminish as the signatures determined the fate which reshaped the outcome of their beautiful little girl's life.

She grew up in a strange place filled with other small children all too young to know what is going on. There were constant visits by strangers holding and playing with her, loving her for just a short time, but who always seemed to leave and move on to the next child as if she did not fit the criteria the strangers envisioned.

Weeks might have passed, maybe even months, of this routine, until one day a young man and women in their late twenties or early thirties visited this strange place. She expected them to do the same thing the other adults had done: holding, playing and loving her as their own and then leaving. But this couple was different. There weren't as many criteria this couple wanted from the child they would choose. All this couple wanted was a baby to love with all of their hearts and to call their own, regardless of anything else.

The difference between this encounter and the many others was that the little girl chose them. She happened to crawl over to this couple and sit on the young woman's foot. This was all the couple needed to know that she was the one for their family.

Having love and affection once again gave the couple hope that, regardless of not being able to conceive their own child, this one was just right for their family. And as for the little girl, feeling loved this was the only thing truly essential. Even though she may have been too young to know what was going on, she was never too young to know the feeling of love and affection from these parents.

As time passed the family grew together and loved even more. The once-little girl is now a young lady, who is extremely thankful and happy to be where she is with the wonderful parents she gratefully has.

Yes, she missed out on some memorable moments only birth parents could provide, but she wouldn't change a thing; the only reason for her to ever meet her biological parents would be to simply say, “Thank you for life, and giving me to such wonderful people, who are now and will always be my true parents.”

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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