Angel Eyes

November 30, 2012
“There’s all little bit of devil in her angel eyes.”
I was a cute kid. White blonde hair. Teal eyes. I was a ‘sweetheart.’ But I was only my grandpa’s sweetheart. I loved him. I was talkative; I talked from Milwaukee to Davenport without stopping! I was a monkey, but I was too cute to get yelled at. I climbed up the slide, climbed on top of the monkey bars, swung from anything that I could reach. I was young. Now, I still have blonde hair and blue eyes. But the hair got darker and the intensity in my eyes lessened. I can still talk for hours. Too bad I’m not too cute to get yelled at anymore. I still climb up the slide, on the monkey bars, and swing from whatever. But most of all, I still love my grandpa. I’m older now, but that will never change.

“A little bit of heaven with a wild side.”
July. The first time I met him was his birthday. We clicked. It was an easy friendship that both of us valued. Yes, I had a crush on him, but I never allowed that to affect our friendship. We attended a party when all this changed. I finally expressed him how I felt. He was ecstatic. Two days later, he died. For months I assumed his death was my fault. It wasn’t. He chose an awful life path—one that stole my best friend. I moved on, but now, two years later, I think of him every day. No matter whom I’m with. I met new people, people who cared about me. He gave me great memories to remember him.
“Got a rebel heart a country mile wide.”
When we met he appeared to be a cocky jerk. It didn’t take long for that to change. We met in April, by July we were dating. He cheated in August. I forgave him. He cheated in October. I forgave him. He had three strikes. Strike 1. Strike 2. He joined the military and moved to Germany. We split. But stayed friends. He came back and it was like seeing my best friend. We got back together in August. We had ups. We had downs. But I love with all my heart. I never give up.
Anna. “There’s a little bit of devil in her angel eyes.”

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