The Roots of Our Existence

November 30, 2012
By DillonRey24 BRONZE, Delafield, Wisconsin
DillonRey24 BRONZE, Delafield, Wisconsin
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At five pounds, thirteen ounces and five pounds, eleven ounces, we were basically identical. But as the seedling sprouted, the tree of life split into two trunks. Seventeen years later, difference in experiences molded us to become individuals.

Sunlight and shade affected which days the two trees grew. One branch grew in the sun, one in the shade. However, the grander of the two shares its own nutrients to allow the other to build a stronger base. Simply a brotherhood.

These individuals were similar for the majority of their existence—from same clothing to classroom. For years, the same sights passed by the eyes of the two, yet inside, the difference gap widened. The slow rate eventually soared until one day, the two were further apart than expected…Storms rattled the branches of the trees, opening their minds to remain close for as long as they live. Simply a pact of brotherhood.

One season, the smaller tree exposed its first leaf. This leaf signified equality and respect. Realization hit—what is in the core shows character.

Years passed while minor winds infrequently caused leaves to rustle. The pact stayed true, allowing for trust, security, and deeper friendship.

As the trees become ancient, what is seen above ground looms as magnificent trees, standing alone. Yet what observers cannot see, are the roots, which are bound for eternity. True, the gap has widened since the uncommon birth, yet each moment they check to ensure the other is in sight. They remember, that unlike any trees, their roots are forever infused. Simply twins.

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