Fear of Bats

November 23, 2012
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A couple summers ago, my family had rented a camp on Moosehead Lake. At first, my brother and I weren’t too happy to be spending one of our last weeks of summer there, but as soon as we got there, we knew we weren’t going to want to leave at the end of the week. It was beautiful, and plus, we got to spend time as a family, including my dad’s best friend, Hutch, who always tags along with us everywhere. ?
The room Nic and I stayed in had two full size beds. One night, we were in our beds with the light on, Nic was probably texting and I was reading, and I felt something hit me in the face.

“Nic, did you just throw something at me?” I asked him.

“No,” he responded.

“Well something black just hit me in the face,” I said.

“Me too,” he replied. “I didn’t want to tell you, I’m under my covers right now.”

“Me too!” I said as we both began to laugh and conclude that there was a bat in our room. We began to panic, yelling for our parents who were downstairs and yelling for Hutch who was in the room next door. We had a fan in our room and Hutch snores really loud, so nobody probably heard us. We even tried calling our mom and dad’s phone but they were shut off. ?
Nic was trying to come up with all the different scenarios we could do.?
“Stick your hand out and shut off the lamp,” was his first one.

“No, bats don’t like the light and if we shut it off he’ll fly around more,” I replied. “Plus, it will attack my hand!” ?
“You go open the door and I’ll stay here,” he tried, but I wasn’t going to sacrifice myself for him. ?
We continued to yell for probably about a half hour, scared of where the bat was in our room. Finally, Hutch heard us and opened the door. Nic and I both shot up with our blankets over our heads and as we ran for the door, he pushed me back on my bed so he could make it out first. Let me remind you that my brother was going to be a big bad senior when school started. ?
We made it downstairs and ran into our parents room, climbing into bed with them and told them the story. They laughed at us, only because we were both teenagers who were climbing in bed with their parents because they were scared. Next thing we knew, Hutch was yelling for my dad and when my dad went upstairs, he found Hutch completely in his sleeping bag, a forty year old man, hiding for the bat that was now in his room. ?My dad finally used a broom to hit the bat outside, and Nic and I decided it would be best if we slept in the living room that night. ?Little did we know that spending family time at this camp would create memories that we would never forget.

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