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No Matter What Sisters

November 26, 2012
By DevilDancer SILVER, St. Charles, Michigan
DevilDancer SILVER, St. Charles, Michigan
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No matter what we are sisters. We fight all the time but in the end say sorry. That just how it is. We call each other names but it really doesn't bother us. When your home we wish you wernt but when you are gone we miss eachother to death. We say we hate eachother but every night before bed we tell eachother we love them. I know we are not realated by blood because we are both adopted, I know we look nothing alike. But we been sisters so long we can read each others minds. That how it is. But no matter what you are my sister my best friend, then who I would die for, the person I can trust most! My sister

The author's comments:
Well this is how it is with me and my sister. Even if we do fight alot.

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