The Dream Revisisted

November 26, 2012
By , Columbai, MO
I dream of a world without war, a world where all people get along and live together in harmony. I dream of a world of laughter, happiness and freedom. I believe that one day that may be possible. I have seen people who don’t like each other or never talk to each other look past their differences to complete a common goal because sometimes that goal is more important than what happened in the past like when we were playing against a team that kept getting under our skin and everyone was losing their cool and patience with one another because we kept screwing up our strategy, but after thinking about it and not saying anything for 5 minutes we all just shut up and won, we didn’t let each other get intimidated or angry. I believed in my friends that we could win and with a little patience and silence it worked. I believe that Here in Columbia many people come together to complete a common goal, if not to create more jobs or help out another it would be someone helping out someone less fortunate even if it takes a little time and a little compassion. Columbia I believe is one of those cities where people can see past each other’s differences and similarities and become one. There was a time where no one could see past the color of ones skin until the great man known as Dr. Martin Luther King’s stood up in front of millions and spoke “I have a dream that one day my black daughters and sons can join together with little white boys and girls in brotherhood”. Today we see this everyday people of all types coming together as one, if not co-workers working together, its people at school sitting and talking or maybe even learning together helping each other. I believe that everyone should have peace and freedom and one day I believe that the whole world will come together in peace and in freedom and in brotherhood.

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