A Birthday to Remember

November 19, 2012
“Happy birthday Lauren and Josh!” I opened my eyes to see my mom and dad hovering over my bed in the hotel room.
We went to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas for our birthday. I was really excited because my parents said they had a surprise for us.
“Thanks!” I shouted, “So what’s the surprise?”
“Yeah!” Josh chimed in, “What is it?”
“We are going swimming with dolphins!” my mom exclaimed.
I was so excited! I always wanted to go swimming with dolphins, and now was my chance!
We arrived and walked up to the front desk. I looked around to see Cement walls almost bare except for a clock and a few pictures of dolphins. I looked at the gate straight ahead and saw a pool. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a grey figure in the air. I walked closer to see what it was when 10 dolphins jumped out of the water and did millions of tricks. Wow! I thought to myself and ran back to my family to tell them.
We waited, and waited, and waited.

“Attention!” I heard a man’s deep voice announce. I looked around until I saw a tall guy with not much hair standing in the front. “Everyone!” he continued, “If you are scheduled for the 11’oclock swimming and pictures, follow me to come get your wetsuits!”

We followed the man to a room with a bunch of lockers and racks of wetsuits. We put our things into a locker and put on the already damp wetsuits.

We then had to watch a video on what to do and what not to do with the dolphins.
15 minutes later, a woman came into the room and shouted “Smith party of 2, Edwards party of 3, and M party of 4, follow me to the pool area!”

“Yay!” I shout, “I can’t believe we’re actually going swimming with dolphins!”

“Alright everyone,” the woman said, “My name is Rosie and I will be assisting you today!” she bellowed.

We walked out to the pool area and the smell of fish and salt water wafted its way into my nose.

I dipped my foot into the water, but as soon as I felt the water, I stepped right out.

“What’s wrong Lauren?” My mom asked.

“It’s f-freezing!” I explained.

“It has to be cold for the dolphins.” Rosie stated.

I got over it and slowly climbed in to the pool. After a few minutes, it wasn’t that bad and we began.

“Ok who wants to go first?”

“We will!” my dad shouted.

My dad went first, then my mom, then my brother, then me.
“Ok honey!” Rosie said “First, I want you to come here and just pet her.”
I swam over and to my surprise, the dolphin was really smooth!
“Ok now, I want you to kiss the dolphin!” Rosie squealed
The first time I didn’t kiss it so the dolphin splashed me in the face! The second time, I actually kissed the dolphin and it smiled and did a flip.
I laughed. I never thought a dolphin would actually smile at me! I thought.
We watched everyone else pet the dolphin and kiss, it but I was the only person that got splashed. After everyone went, our family got a picture with the dolphin. We watched the dolphin do tricks and then we had to leave.
We went inside, peeled off our wetsuits, and handed them back. We got our clothes on and went to the gift shop to look at our pictures. We bought the picture of our family petting the dolphin. Sadly, the day I will never forget was coming to a close.
That was the best birthday I ever had and I will never forget that once in a lifetime experience. Not many people can say I kissed a dolphin on my 11th birthday! I look forward to hopefully relive this amazing experience.

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