Glad I Was Wrong

November 19, 2012
I remember it like it was just yesterday. It was the day I went to Colorado to finally meets my uncle’s girlfriend. We drove there for two whole days, and it felt like forever! I was sitting there, bored out of my mind, looking outside the car window for hours. All I could see were mostly billboard signs and trees. I was kind of worried about how she would act around me, and what she looked like. I didn’t want her to be like what I see in movies where they act all nice around him and act like trash around me. I tried to imagine a better point of view of her, and I smiled. So when we got there I had knots in my stomach.
I took a deep breath.
Then there she was, Stephanie.
She was an average looking women, not that beautiful but not that ugly either. She was wearing a black sweater with jeans and boots on. Her long brown hair, brown eyes, and her lovely complexion made her look like a regular person just hanging out! So when we grabbed some dinner she fell in love with me like I was her own daughter. She was so kind that she gave me the most attention, more than everyone else! Stephanie also gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her whenever I needed to talk about things. She handed me a little sticky note with numbers on it, “Call me, okay? You can talk to me whenever you need somebody to talk to.” I glared at it trying to memorize the numbers.
Then, I said “I will.” And we went back to the table.
After dinner my grandmother, grandfather, my brother River, and I went back yto our hotel room. It was really nice actually, better than I expected! We were on the 5th floor and it was really high up. The room was a tan color room with a flat screen TV, two beds, a huge bathroom; you know a bunch of normal stuff you would find. The view was beautiful too, with mountains, trees, buildings, and more! “Grandma this view is so pretty,” my brother said.
“It’s defiantly something River.” I smiled, because my brother was happy and it seemed as if everything was perfect.
Just when I thought things wouldn’t get any better, we were invited to sleep over for the night at our uncle’s house. I thought this would be great because Stephanie was the nicest person that I met, and the only thing that I liked about this trip. Nobody paid any attention to me anyways, and I guess she saw that. I guess maybe she felt sorry for me or something? I don’t know, but whatever. I was just looking forward to going to their house that night.
My grandparents dropped me off and it felt like I was inside a freezer, being frozen from the inside and out. I decided to adjust and walk up to their front door with my brother and I could still remember what the house looked like. It was regular sized and very colorful, lights everywhere. I said goodbye to my grandparents with my brother at my side and walked in. It was AMAZING! Splashes of color everywhere you look. Along with pictures, paintings, flowers, and more than I could remember. I ran up to my uncle and gave him a big hug, and then did the same to Stephanie. We had marshmallows in the backyard because they had their own little fire pit, and told scary stories! After that we watched TV and played the Wii. I had a blast and I just couldn’t wait to go there again.
The best part of all of this is that my theory on her was totally wrong and I was okay with that. Turns out, they’re having a baby and she is 5 months pregnant to this day. They’re not married yet but since I like her a lot, I might as well call her my Aunt Stephanie! I just can’t wait to find out what gender the baby is and meet my new baby cousin!

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