November 19, 2012
By highvoltageblue BRONZE, Secunderabad, Other
highvoltageblue BRONZE, Secunderabad, Other
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imagine putting a hurricane in a box.
from the outside, you wouldn't be able to tell. from the outside, it'd look like a regular box. then you'd notice that it's shaking. shaking and trembling with increasing violence until.. it falls apart, spreading destruction everywhere.

I fell for him.

no, let me rephrase that. I fell for the way his fingers moved over the strings of his guitar as he played the Pink Panther theme. I fell for the secret look of laughter we shared when he started playing a song only I recognised. I fell for the way our voices sounded together when we sang. I fell for the way he would make me laugh. I fell for the way he would smile at me when he played the wrong notes.

I fell for the joy we both felt when he created music.

I fell for how he was so put together, for the love he had for guitars, for the way he was so undefinably wrong for me.

for the fact that he didn't like me in the same way.

for how I barely knew him.

but when I get home to you, and all the things that you do, you'll make me feel alright.

but did I fall for him?

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