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November 18, 2012
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As humans, we each have the tendency to automatically judge an individual when we meet them. We judge by appearance, wealth, or personality. After we have judged them, we label the individual. We deny them the chance to show us who they really are. When we come up with an opinion towards a person, it is hard to change it. The label we give is what we decide with, and we are firm with our decision. We label someone as a “dreamer”, “thief”, “criminal”, “believer”, “uneducated”, or “poverty stricken”. I believe that every individual has the ability to change the label given to them by society.

Justin Bieber was once your typical kid. He woke up one day, not knowing what would happen. He put his performances on YouTube; he did this so his family could see him perform. He did it with that purpose only. He was labeled a “dreamer” when he played his guitar. He would sit outside on the steps playing his heart out. People heard a voice that would one day be known worldwide, but they would walk by him and think, “What a dreamer.” Justin Bieber changed the world’s perception towards him. He was no longer a “Dreamer”; he was a star. He changed the label and gave himself the one he desired.

There are certain individuals who society has labeled who have changed the world’s perception towards them people such as Justin Bieber. People, who have endured judgment, and left everyone talking, these are the ones who took a stand and changed the label given to them. I am one of those individuals who society has targeted because I am part of the minority, but I know I have changed my label.
Because I am a proud child of two Mexican parents, I have without been given the chance, been labeled as a person who will most likely not succeed in life. I have been labeled the “minority” because of my background. Most believe that I won’t be able to succeed in life, but I am proving them wrong. I have changed the label that society appointed me with.

Today, I am attending school. I am one step closer to achieving my goals. Everyday I sit in class with my heart in my hand ready to achieve and succeed, I prove society wrong. I go home and my first task is to complete my homework. I sit in my room with binders laid out on my bed. Each binder represents a job I must complete with the best of quality work. I take a seat and begin to tackle the work. Its 5:30 P.M; I have started. I finish my first period it’s 6:15 P.M. seven more to go. I work hard with my eyes glued to the paper making sure everything is correctly done. I am working on 6th period work; it’s 8:40 now two more to go. I finish by 9:00 P.M, but I have quizzes to prepare for. I take a deep breath, sit straight in my chair, clear my desk of all the clutter, and begin to study. The clock reaches 10:00P.M. I am done studying. I am tired, but I know all those hours will benefit me in the future. At the end of the night, I jump into bed in my blue striped pajamas. My eyes remain wide open. I begin to think; I have changed the worlds’ perception towards me. I am a hard worker and no one can change that. I have stayed up late not having fun, but working towards my future. I go to sleep knowing that tomorrow I will follow the same routine. I do it all with a happy heart. In the end, the label appointed to me by society disappears. I don’t need to be labeled by the world. No one has to predict my future because of my roots. I will succeed, and I will prove them wrong. I will be me and that’s the only label that matters.

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