Everything Will Be the Same

November 15, 2012
The music was blaring, “Where Have You Been” by Rhianna. I looked into her eyes for the last time and knew right then that she was gone from me forever.

I cannot wait! Tonight was the last CYO St. Catherine’s Dance. I get to see all my friends and dance and just hang out on a Friday night. After school I finished all my homework I had and cleaned my room so I was able to go. This is going to be great! I found my outfit, put it on, and fixed my hair. I’m so upset though because since this was the last dance I wouldn’t be able to see a lot of my friends from St. Catherine’s for a long time. Yes, only forty more minutes before we leave! Then I remembered, tonight I was going to confront Morgan and talk to her about our friendship.

Morgan was a stand-out kind of girl. She has long brown hair, eyes the color of sea green, crooked teeth, and was taller than most girls I know. Whenever I was down in the dumps, I knew I could always count on her to cheer me up. Also, if someone was being mean to me, she would walk right up to them and tell them to back off! If she wanted to be heard she made sure of it and was never afraid to ask anyone anything. What I loved most about her though was when she laughed she snorted, which made me laugh harder! Sometimes we would just laugh for no apparent reason! We always gave each other presents for our birthdays, holidays, and when we became best friends in Kindergarten, when we were both seated at the Yellow Table on May 2. We already knew we were going to High School together and for College, we were going to be roommates. We’ve slept over each other’s houses so many times I lost count in fourth grade. She was the perfect best friend because she accepted my flaws and I accepted hers.

The air smelled like sweat, talk about disgusting. I was talking to my other friend, Jade, and she said, “I think it’s time to talk to her Kenz, what other time could you do it? The dance is ending in fifty minutes and I know you’ll be too scared to do it any other day if you don’t do it now.”

“Ok, you’re right Jade. See you in a bit,” I replied my voice trembling.

“You got this! Good luck and I’m here if you need me.”


My hands and legs were shaking like a rattle snake’s tail. I looked around to find her and saw her near the front of all the dancing bodies. I walked up slowly but surely, and pressed my way through the crowd.

“Morgan? Can I talk to you in private please?” I asked.

She replied, “Yeah sure.”

As we walked back I tried to keep myself positive, thinking everything will be ok. We’ll be best friends after this whole thing is settled. Everything will be normal like it was before I switched schools. I never knew how wrong I could be.

The music was booming, “…been everywhere looking for you, man looking for..” and I could feel my heart, thump thump thump, beating in my chest. This is it I told myself. It’s now or never.

“I’ve heard that you have been saying bad things about me to people at school. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I’ve heard you said you were glad I moved schools and that for your eighth grade memory you were going to put when all the people left. I miss you so much, Morgan,” I paused while just stared at me, “It doesn’t even seem like we are best friends, are we?”

“I didn’t say anything bad about you,” she practically whispered.

“Ok,” I responded.

“Let’s just be friends.”
The music was blaring, “Where Have You Been” by Rihanna. I looked into her eyes for the last time and knew right then that she was gone from me forever. I gave her a hug and knew we wouldn’t ever hug again. I quickly ran away, tears came out like someone had turned on a faucet and didn’t turn it off. “..I’ve been everywhere, man, looking for you babe looking for you babe…” The music still continued but was winding down to an end. I could feel the teardrops seep into my new, blue shirt. I felt nothing, was nothing, it felt like someone tore out my heart, stomped on it, and put it right back.

It’s been about six months since that moment of my life. Everyone might be thinking, wow you guys are just friends, what’s the big deal? It’s different, I loved Morgan like a sister and for her to just walk away just made me fall to pieces and it still does. We don’t talk and when we see each other we don’t speak. I still do miss Morgan a lot and I have made many attempts to talk to her, but I figured if I’m afraid just to talk to her, what friendship would that turn out to be? I’m happy where I am and that I have awesome, great friends that I can count on. I won’t ever forget Morgan and all she did for me, and I won’t ever in a million years forget our friendship.

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