The Panther

November 10, 2012
As the bitter wind blew across my face, I stared out into the open space surrounding me. The barren field appeared just like a desert, the fallen leaves bouncing across it like tumbleweeds. Just then, the small black panther trotted alongside the road by the field. He wasn’t quite a panther, just a cat, but at that moment, he definitely resembled one. I called him by name and he looked up, his copper eyes meeting my hazel ones. At the same pace he had been traveling before, he gracefully changed course and headed in my direction. I smiled, relishing his presence, as cats are mellow creatures for the most part. As he got closer, I realized what he was really going for- not my attention, but the food dish on the porch behind me. This diminutive panther hopped up the steps and started munching away fervently at the food. His low belly indicated that he had no problem with eating. I turned my head away towards the sun, warming my autumn-chilled face slightly in the radiant rays. As the sound of crunching ceased behind me, I felt a soft little body cuddle up to mine. He may choose to be a panther at times, but at this moment, he is just my cat.

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