A Best Friend Moment

November 15, 2012
My friend Jamie came up to our table and cried out, “I HATE HER!” While still crying.
I felt bad so I about shouted, “Who and what did they do?”
She said, “Susan she call me something really bad I can’t say.”
So I went up to her and said, “Hey can you please stop being mean to my friend? THANKS,” and walked away.
I told my friend what I said she cried out, “Thanks Tabitha you’re a true and a real friend.”
The next day
She came up to our table and she roared, “Susan is being mean.”
Once again I say, “What happened this time?”
She roared, “She said she hated me”
I ran up to Susan and shouted, “Susan stop being mean to Jamie if you don’t I will call authority to it okay? Okay.” I sprinted back to my table.
I hollered, “I don’t think she will be bothering you anymore.”
Jamie says, “What did you say?”
I said, “Susan stop being mean to Jamie if you don’t I will call authority to it okay? Okay.”
Jamie said, “Thanks you are a true friend.”
So we sat through lunch talking, eating, and laughing.
Ever since Jamie’s been sitting at my table she has had no drama.

Until Susan said a comment to Jamie, and that set her to cry.

All Jamie was trying to do was start a conversation

Jamie said out in the open, “School food stinks.”

So Susan said, “You just figured that out dummy.”

So Jamie went to study hall sitting and being depressed, but a bunch of us tried to cheer her up but she told us to go away.

Of course we didn’t listen to her, we as good friends kept on trying and trying, but she didn’t get cheered up.

So the three of us Stephanie, Star and I said, “Alright we will be over there if you need us.”

The next day

When we walked into the cafeteria with all of our friends, all we smelt was wonderful cookies.

So I bought a warm mouth watering chocolate chip cookie, and as I ate it, my mouth was tingling with warm chocolate chips.

So Jamie comes up and she says, “Tabitha ever since I’ve been sitting at your table I have had no drama! Thanks Tabitha!”

So I say, “No problem it’s my pleasure to have you sit at our table.”

Two days ago when she was crying, she was like a tiger dying slowly and painfully.

I felt really proud that I helped my best friend face a bully at work!

I still can’t believe Susan would be mean to Jamie; Jamie is a wonderful, talented, pretty, and smart girl.

I guess you could say I’m giving Jamie’s heart a break.
I will always remember when I helped my friend. I just hope it doesn’t happen again. If it does I will be right by her side! Jamie means more to me than cheer. I know in my heart that Jamie will do the same thing if I was in that situation. Susan messed with the wrong girls!!!

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