My hard childhood

November 5, 2012
Okay im here too tel everyone about my life. i am britney and i have had a rough childhood. when i was 2 my parents had divorced. i miss being with my dad all the time. i am 13 and i still wonder how life would be like to be with him still. a year after the divorced my mother meet a new guy and they had a kid when i was five. two or three years ago they departed and i miss him. i finally had forgotten about my parents divorced. he was like another dad to me and its hard to pretend to hate him when i dont i wish they were still together but they arent. my dad his married to me step mom and i have a step sister there named ellie its hard only seeing them only 6 days a month. i wish my parents wouldnt of never departed because it broke my heart not seeing my other family every day like i use too. i still cry to this day because i have gone threw everything. meeting new people how ive loved to death, fighting and cussing, fighting for me threw court and just everything its to hard to explain. only if you were me you would understand.

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