Mirrored Woman

November 4, 2012
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Long ago, I used to live in a small village by the mountains. It was a very lovely place, the birds chirped their morning song and the sun rose behind the small hills revealing its beauty.

I lived on the same street as my best friend, Thalia. As best friends we were always together and never separated but I was always a little jealous of her. Her hair was a dark luscious color and mine was frizzy and ugly. Her skin was pale and spotless and mine was tanned and freckled. Even though she seemed to have more than me we never fought because I loved her as my sister.

I would go to her house everyday and we would hang out, but in between our houses was a creepy, dark, house made out of wood. It was painted black and a woman lived there all by herself. People say that she has been there for a hundred years and that she has never had kids, so she stole others.

The children of my school said that she was obsessed with stealing me. We called her the Mirrored Woman, or a witch. Either way she was super creepy.

I told Thalia about the woman and how apparently she was obsessed with me, Thalia just laughed and said,
"Why would she want to steal you?"

I stared at her, for some reason it seemed like I didn't know her anymore. We have been together for so many years and I never realized how much she had changed. I pretended not to be hurt, and smiled and said, "Yeah, I know right?"

One night, I woke up and saw a bright light coming through my window. Outside, I saw the woman wearing her black cloak and staring at me. I choked back a scream and stood there, frozen in fear.

She breathed out, creating fog on the window and lifted her finger. Spelling out my name.


Then she disappeared, I told my parents and they said that we would move. I would have to leave Thalia, I didn't want to leave her but I wanted to leave the woman.

On moving day, as I said my goodbyes to Thalia. Tears formed in her green eyes and we hugged tightly. How I wished I didn't have to let go.
In the car, I looked back and saw Thalia waving at me. I sat back down, rubbing away the salty tears and looked back at Thalia. That's when I screamed, behind Thalia was the woman. Her eyes staring at her.

From that day, I never saw Thalia again and I was always scared of windows.

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