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November 9, 2012
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This short story is dedicated to the only person that has been there through everything, and when I say “everything,” I’m not exaggerating. It’s falling in love, that is so wonderful, that special bond, that connection. It hasn’t even been that long that we met, and already we have gone through so much. I knew this friendship was not like any other high school phase. We were so different yet so alike, not only sharing each other’s happiness, but also each other’s pain and discomfort. We have the best memories, I mean, everything is memorable to us, even something one would think is insignificant, it’s not that way to us. We are one whole person put into two different people, without one another we are dysfunctional.
To think, that all of the wonderful times, laughs shared, playlists put together, clothes borrowed, to think all that could be easily taken from someone, ripped apart. It’s hard to bear. It’s an illness that attacks and takes apart that strength that has been built, that courage; it’s gone. Death just isn’t written for us in the near future, because it is the faith we put into God that has made us come this far, walk away from pain, pick ourselves up, but with each other. People talk, people question our better judgment on “God” and ask if “he would really want that, if he would really do that to someone so young, take their health”. They don’t know, I don’t know, but what I do know is, that every bad thing thrown our way only makes our bond stronger, and only makes us thank him every day for life.
This doesn’t hit as soon as one would have thought it would, it has taken time to take a toll on our lives. It takes time to realize that this is serious, aside from all the jokes made, and forced smiles, this is happening, and it’s happening now. Sure, it’s not going away anytime soon, possibly never, but we’ll be together all the time, we don’t need to work hard to stay that way, to keep our everlasting unbreakable bond. Strength will guide us through the piles of medication; the endless trips to doctor appointments, to chemotherapy treatments, to new diagnosis, strength will guide us.
Life does go on, and it is so precious. Life does not depend on an evaluation of its worth based on a tragedy. Everything that is thrown our way, be it good or bad, it is all worthy, it is all precious and we should be thankful, thankful for what we’ve had, and what we still have. Thankful for the life we live, whether it be in pain or joy. I don’t regret anything I have done in my life, as bad or painful as it might have been because it got me here, sitting on this hard computer chair writing a short story about my ill best friend. The person who I would give my life for without hesitation, the person I fell in love with sometime during a blurry summer, the person who puts up with my every flaw, the person who is my better half. Impossible to keep moving forward without her, this story is for my best friend, Fish.

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