November 2, 2012
By Palmer15 BRONZE, Buchanan, Tennessee
Palmer15 BRONZE, Buchanan, Tennessee
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Have you ever just got so frustrated that you thought you though you were going to do something great and it never happened. If you have i've been their too you can give your all out on the court or were ever your sport is and it still not be enough. That is just how it is somethimes. But what realy makes you the good athlete or the good person is God. Without god you cannot do anything. All
God asks from you is to give it all. Its just like when your out on the court you give it all right even when the other team is clobbering you. Some of us are guilty of this even me sometimes. You got to have a strong heart that wont give up when you are so far behind ir so far up that it doesnt even matter if you try. God asks you to have heart in every aspect of your life like school work, worship, sports, ect. This heart isn't the heart that pumps the blood in your body its the heart to pull through when thr going gets tough and it crunch time and its win or lose.

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