Shattered Glass

October 29, 2012
By FatherDagon GOLD, SpringHill, Tennessee
FatherDagon GOLD, SpringHill, Tennessee
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It was normal to hear doors slam and the monsters screaming at each other to no end. Lord, the more days go by the worse the screaming gets. All I wanted was for it to stop, for all the pain to disappear and wash over me like water falling over rocks. I had attempted to drown it all out by listening to music on the highest possible volume, but even that offered no sanctuary within the confounds of my mind and in this dire time of agony and pain.

Darkness had consumed my room in her sorrowful arms as thunder rumbled outside, yet I was refused comfort of even the most sorrowful of things. Rain slapped against my window as if it was trying to break the window down just by sheer force, almost as if it wanted to come inside my room and comfort me. It was supposed to be summer, the sun was supposed to shine, and there were supposed to be fields of flowers outside, but it was a Monday considering how horrible everything was going. It almost made me want to fall asleep, but I could not because of recurring nightmares and remembering the screaming matches between the two monsters.

I quietly took my headphones off and listened. The screaming had finally stopped between the two, but I flinched when I heard the front door slam shut. I let tears fall from my eyes as I looked at my room door, lost in a trance of trying to forget their fights. Neither my mother nor my father would be home anytime soon, so that left Jon and I to attempt to forget their fights. I let even more tears spill from my face as the rain hit my window, even harder than before, and the darkness in my room becoming even thicker.

I chuckled quietly as I thought of the nick name I enjoyed calling myself, “The Steel Caged Princess.” I only call myself that because I feel trapped when the two monsters fight with each other and I feel as if I’m the cause and the “Princess” because I get caught up in the middle of all their fights, when I do not want to be in them. Thunder rumbled and my mirror fell off of my wall and onto the beige, ugly, yet soft carpet flooring.

I threw my Ipad and headphones down as I let go of the wind up snow globe I had been holding and winding up for the past twenty minutes. A little melody began to play as I set it down on my windowsill and went to pick up my mirror. I do not have to put up with this at all! If they cannot work out their differences, then they need to leave the house for good and stay out of my life! I held the mirror as I let my thoughts wander a little more on that. Did I really want them both to leave? Would it have benefited me in any possible way? Certainly not the way things are going now! You’re half insane, you cannot look at either of them without wanting to vomit, and on top of all that it makes you cry every time you have to listen.

I knew my conscience was right. The more Alan and Chelsea fought the more everyone grew apart. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my hair was ragged and my mascara was messed up due to crying. Those two monsters do not deserve your recognition anymore! Just let it go. I didn’t want to. I couldn’t let it go. No matter how many times I had tried I was forced to always come back to them. My eyes widen as I realized I could never let it go.

I couldn’t let go of them even if they did fight. I couldn’t let go of the pain because it would always follow me. When all of this was done, I would just run back to them, but not this time. I realized I had to stand up for myself and I couldn’t forgive them this time because I was tired of it all. I realized I was the only one that could do this and I wouldn’t take it anymore.

Thunder rumbled outside and lightning crackled in the distance. My dog barked, the power flickered, my mirror broke, and one of my eyes shattered like glass. That was what I had finally become, shattered glass.

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