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The Inspiration

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My mind is as blank as the paper the words are supposed to be written on. I try to figure out what those words are, but it’s as hard as my algebra homework. I put the white earphones in my ear, hoping they would bring the words to mind. Instead, they bring the things that block my train of thought. I think of the guy who makes me feel a million emotions, but yet still leaves me in veneration. I think of the insects with artistic wings that feel in my stomach whenever I’m around him, that are in a pavilion on my desk. I think of the graceful animals that soar in the sky, that have the ability to do the one thing I feel I could do. I think of the naive girl, who was poisoned by a clever stranger in disguise. I think of the harsh words that make my face drenched and my eyes red. I think of the man who helped create me, that flew away to somewhere higher than the clouds before he could see me blossom. I think of the woman who went through pain bring me to earth, who can make me annoyed, but yet laugh. I think of the 10 long, unfortunate years she had to endure by herself, yet found the courage to stay strong. I think of the girl whom is 5 years older than me, and how the unhappiness with herself tries to bring me down. I think of the colorful chocolate candy that makes my dimples appear, and makes them disappear after they dissolve in my stomach. I think of the guy whose writing speaks to me, and how it wins my admiration. I think of the white earphones that take me to an escape, that no one else can find. I think of the camera in my bag, that contains black & white memories. I think of my savior, who was drained of blood because of the sins people committed. I think of his father, who comforts me and reminds me why I’m here. I think of the wizard who was meant to die, but at the same time, he wasn't. I think of the things and the people I wish I didn't have to lay my eyes on. I thinks of the worlds I've created and the worlds I've entered during my 13 years of this planet. I think of the figures I call my friends, tucked away in a bag, that no one knows about. I think of the million words that are inside a book with butterflies on its cover. I think of the life I want to have, the life I’m not permitted to have. I think of all these things, how they usually block my mind, but instead, they bring the inspiration I've traveled through lands to find.

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