Family Bonding Time

October 27, 2012
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Most teens my age don't really like to go on family vacations, but I am not just any teenager. I am a teen who acts more grown up than she is, loves to go to school, and who loves to read in her free time. In saying this I hope you can tell that I am no ordinary teen.

Last summer my whole dad's side of the family went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "I bet she had a blast swimming in the ocean." Well if you were thinking that, you were wrong. Now is where the fact that i am not a normal teen comes in. I did NOT go in the ocean, in fact i didn't really like the beach. I am kind of a clean freak so the fact that sand gets everywhere, and i mean EVERYWHERE is not a very pleasant thought to me. Also, the fact that there might be sharks out there scared me quite a bit. Now some may say I am just a big scaredy cat, and that is fine with me.Also, that summer was a very interesting experience for me. I mean don't get me wrong living on a beach front house was amazing, but you get to learn a lot by living with 14 other people for a week. I learned about who were the "slobs", who were the "neat freaks", who just was right in between those two categories. I also learned that almost all of the girls in my family can shop till we drop.

This experience not only taught me that my family is a least somewhat normal, but it taught me about who I should choose to share a room with next time.

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