Life Is Precious

October 25, 2012
By Azaliah Singleton BRONZE, Yelm, Washington
Azaliah Singleton BRONZE, Yelm, Washington
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It was a cold winter night in Boston Massachusets. The air was so cold it felt like your lungs where going to freeze up when you breathed in. I was inside while my siblings where out-in the snow. It was our granspa's 80th birthdayand my family had gone over to celebrate with a special birthday dinner. My younger siblings loved to go over to our grandparents. They loved to listen to grandpa's "Back in my day" stories, and grandma's stories about how her and granpa met and all the dumb things he used to do to try and get her attention. "oh hush up laura" he would say to her when she said something to embarrasse him. "dont listen to her kids she doesnt know what she's talking about. Your grandpa never did that." "yes you did!" my little sister who's twelve said giggling. About two months ago we found out that he has cancer. It was a shock to our whole family because he was always eating write and healthy his whole life. It broke my grandma into pieces. She cried for days and wasnt herself for about three weeks.
That was a two years ago. And now my grandpa is doing much better and the stress level in our family has gone way down. My grandpa being sick made me relize how precious life is and appreciate it. Because life is a gift from god.

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