In The Blink Of An Eye

October 24, 2012
By Petlansky BRONZE, Ripon, California
Petlansky BRONZE, Ripon, California
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Bang! It was the only sound that was heard inside of the car on that one scorching summer afternoon. My sister and I were hit by a lady who was speeding down the road in front of the church. We sat silent in the car. We could see parts of my car spread out all over the road in front of us and the lady who was in the other car across the way. Not long after, the sirens came around the corner and there were people surrounding my car to make sure we were OK. They lady in the other car, my sister, and I all walked away with no injuries. Although no one even had a bump or a scratch, everyone shed tears. After the adrenalin went away I realized that if the car had hit my car two feet closer to the passenger side my sister could have been seriously injured or even lost her life. This is the experience that impacted my life the most and taught me that the decisions people make can change lives forever.

Since the crash it has made me more responsible in the way I live my life. I realize that decisions that we make now can change our whole future. This event of being in a car crash has made me very aware of the decisions in my life. For example the choices having to do with school such as studying for an extra fifteen minutes, doing the extra credit, or staying after class to talk to a teacher because of something you don’t understand. It is all about doing what you can to not just settle for the A-, but going the extra mile to achieve the A+. This applies to our lives in the future. We should not settle for anything less than what is able to be achieved and should always strive to reach our highest goals. Sometimes goals are not what job will make you the most money, but it is doing what makes you happy. Being able to wake up every morning knowing that you are going to go out and do something you love is far more important than fame and fortune.

All these thoughts may have come from a car accident, but it was a lesson that was well received. The concept that decisions so small, such as getting into a car and driving, can impact one’s life so significantly that the consequences or rewards can be life changing. There is always the choice to get in the car and drive just as there is a choice to study for the big test. Both can end poorly, but taking the extra time to drive safely and the extra time to study will always benefit you in the long run. I was so blessed that the car did not hit me any closer to the passenger side door because I don’t know what I would have done if my only sister was taken.

The author's comments:
the article is 100% true with no added fluff. i hope people take from this that life is not a game and lives can change in the blink of an eye. we need to live our lives to the fullest and have no regrets

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