Growing Up.

October 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Since I was a young child, but of three years old CPS (Child Protection Services) have been involved my whole life. It’s not easy moving from one house to another, back and forth, and in between. Or one side of your family telling you how horrible the other side is, or vice versa.
It is difficult handling all this with a little brother and little sister. The first time we were taken we had gotten sent to our grandmothers. Then when I was 10 we were taken and sent to a foster home to a women named Barb married to a man named Rob. They were Christians. So they took us to church with them on every Sunday.
Being there with them changed me..and my life. I learned many new things, made many new friends. We had visits with my mom and grandmother, but always supervised. My sister threw these fits…they ripped my heart in half to see her like that. After a few months we were sent back to my mothers.
Then again….when I was 12 CPS came into our lives again. This time I went to live with my Dad and my little sister with hers, but our brother lived with our grandmother. My sister (Faith) lived with her dad for two years before the court finally decided to give my grandma custody of her.
It took me three years to stand up for myself against my dads girlfriend and finally have my grandma get custody of me. Now at the age of 15 I live with my little brother (Storm – 12) and my little sister (Faith – 8) at my grandmothers and grandfathers. We’re happy now. Thanks for reading.

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