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Middle School

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Sixth grade your fresh meat. At first you’re scared and excited all at the same time. You are scared you’re going to be late to every class, or worse get lost! You’re excited because you get to move on and meet new teachers. You get your own locker and no more lines. Then you get to lunch you have no clue where to sit. The eighth graders take over all of the lunch tables. Now you are terrified! You look around to see if you can find someone you know. Then you see an open table. All of the feelings you first had gone. You sit down and eat your lunch with your friends. That’s pretty much how sixth grade works. You’re scared at first; worried you’re going to get lost or everything will be super hard, but it’s not and you turn out fine.

Seventh grade you are kind of getting used to the idea of middle school. You are no longer fresh meat. You are not as scared as you were in sixth grade. You still are excited to see all your friends. You sit with certain people every day at the same table too worried to mix anything up. You are not too scared about getting lost or where you sit at when you go to lunch. Yet again another year accomplished.

Eighth grade, you’re not worried about getting lost one bit. You have been at this whole middle school thing for almost three grades now. You are scared when you think about high school. You are scared of not going on to high school. You don’t pay any attention to people younger than you. You still sit by those friends you sat by all year last year. Not in the same place as last year because you want to mix it up a little bit. The year is almost over. You think about going to high school and the whole thing happens all over again. Suddenly you feel like you’re in sixth grade again.

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