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October 26, 2012
By Tamara Robertson BRONZE, Puyallup, WA, Washington
Tamara Robertson BRONZE, Puyallup, WA, Washington
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A bicycle helped change me. I loved the breeze flowing through my hair, my mind was eased, and all my problems were washed away in the cold wind. At that moment, I felt free. Free like a bird flying through the sky, like taking the first baby step, the first laugh, the first smile. This moment was unstoppable, my feet wheeling around in a circular motion, my heart racing, my hands gripping to the bars of the bike, I felt greater than anyone could imagine. I rode my bike. It made me gain confidence in myself. It was something that made me escape the jumbled world around me.
Expressing feelings has always been hard for me but not when I’m on my bike. I feel like I express everything that’s held inside my soul. It took away the sadness in my heart and replaced it with happiness. I would ride my bike for hours and hours until it was dinner time. At first I didn’t know how to ride the bike, I just stood up and rode my bike with my feet…until one day, I had enough confidence to reassure myself that it was completely safe to finally, put my feet on the pedals. From that moment on I felt proud and successful. My bike was like my best friend, my best companion, because I trusted it fully to the point where I could let it do the talking, and let it be my wings to fly. I talked to it, not through words, but through emotions. The hill was like our bond, our connection to the earth. My bike made me stronger as a person. A person that believes in themselves and a person who can have dreams of the future.
As a hero, I would love and care for other people. Help friends when they need it most. To be a companion, a savior, a protector. To stand up for what is right and reach my hand out to people who need it most. A hero, to me, is a person who cares. A person who is willing to face challenges for another person. To stop a bullet, to have their back, and to have compassion.
People starve in most places like Africa, and some people’s lives are at stake. How could you look into someone’s crying eyes and say that you can’t help them? That’s not me, I want to give them food and nourish them to the best intent. Save animals from becoming instinct, help farmers grow plants to feed their families, and to help who ever is starving.
I would like to help the homeless. I would give them a house that they don’t have to pay for. Give them clothes, food, water, and shelter. A great majority of the homeless people are mentally ill. I would help the mentally ill homeless people by getting them into a hospital. SSI is a big deal, some have been denied and that’s why they live on the streets. I would help them get SSI, and have the most complete and absolute help that they need because every person counts.
To save the world from hunger, to help the homeless, and show other’s you care. A nice person who is willing to give up anything for a person in need. Love is strong, don’t ever hate. Don’t forget, but forgive. In my heart, I have decided to be a hero, and to help others in need.

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