October 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Why do so many people fight over the issue of hunting? It’s not bad. My family hunts for food, and the money we spend to buy the tags goes to the wildlife. Hunters help the animals all the time, we even take food up to them in the winter. All the money we spend on tags goes to them so we help them, and we help make it so that they don’t over populate.

The reason my family does it is for the food. It’s really good food, and it helps a lot. A lot of people think that people do it just for fun, but most of us do it for the food. It is fun, but that’s not the reason we do it.

We help the animals. We give them money, and we feed them in the winter, we love animals we just need the food. Plus if we go with our families it gives us time with them. It gets us out of the house too, it takes a lot of exercise to hike as much as we do, and if we do get something it takes a lot of exercise to carry it out. So it helps people be active.
I think the best thing about it is even if your not hunting you can still go camping with your family to spend time with them, and get exercise. It lets you be outside doing fun activities with your family, and if they get something it provides food for your whole family. It gives you the chance to enjoy nature.
Being outdoors is great. You get fresh air, and you can do a lot more than you do sitting around your house. You can also set fires at night, and roast smores, and make lots of good food that way.
So I don’t see why people fight about it so much. I mean we help the animals with the money we spend buying tags. We do it for food, they barely even feel it most of the time, sometimes they don’t at all, we help take them food in the winter, and we like them. So why do people through such big fits over it?

The author's comments:
I just wrote it for an assignment, and my mom gave me the idea.

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