Life changed for me

October 22, 2012
Many things define why, how, and what made me who I am. My life, pleasures, childhood, and thus family background are imperfect. Its been a rocky road for the most part, especially as a teenager. Indeed, the most dreadful years of my life.what affects my whole outlook on life, is that society is so narrow-minded. When i was 4, this moment, this day, and a gawky person (surgeon) changed my life forever. I was born hearing, but then grew up with ear infections. I was sent to a hospital to be analyzed. Next thing I knew , I had to have operations on both ears. Something happened during this period of time inside that little operation room. Though, i was very young, and I don't remember any of it. All i can remember is I started losing my hearing. I knew I was on the road of becoming deaf. People kept telling me what might happen but I was afraid to believe it. I would cry myself to sleep, constantly ask my mother if I sounded right Even at one point in my life, I actually tempted to believe I was dumb and there's no hope for me out there. I was bullied and tormented, but I was surprised I lived through it all.

I'm not accepted in a lot of working fields, and people second guess me . However, I’ve learned to accept and believe in my myself so that others can do the same. Because of this, I had to change future plans. Before it was to strive to become an interpreter, doctor, WNBA player, and a lot more. However, the future I had set out for myself no longer exists. I had to eliminate certain dreams. God was i disappointed. It felt like as if life for me was pointless and unwelcoming. In the next ten years, who knows what I might be doing, the exciting part about it is, life can lead you anywhere. I may not have control over my future before a rapid change happens. So I can only do what is happening now,the present, every breath I take as I keep living. I thought maybe of becoming a general teacher in deaf schools. Becoming a professional basketball player. Only God knows where I'll end up. I’d would like to do something that gives back to the community is possibly, a heartfelt, spiritual thing.
I didn't grow up with lots of care,support, and lastly, education. Why not, for a change, provide what's been missing in my life and enrich those who desperately need it in theirs? What is a world,a society, if people feel downgraded, what’s a life to someone who doesn't have what it takes to succeed? or living life without education, or , most of all love? I can make something out of it. It saddens me to see kids with low self-esteem or personal problems, and not living up to their dreams, why? because I'm one of them or at least I was.Only thing i know exactly what I'll be doing in the next ten years, is living up to my dreams just like any other normal individual. The accident with my operation, doesn't change my view of people,world, or even the society. If anything, it only proves my view of myself. Don't let something bad happens stop you from succeeding, if the world doesn't work its way around you. Then do as I do, and work around the world.

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