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October 9, 2012
Maggie Flurschutz

Once of my favorite quotes is “When someone you loves becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” I wish all of our lives could go on forever so we wouldn’t have to leave our loved ones, but everyone has a time in life where they have done everything they could to fulfill their life. On June fifteenth, my grandma had completed her life, and I believe, has gone up to Heaven with my papa.
Let me tell you about my grandma. She grew up right here in Auburn with only one sister. Meme’s (my grandma) maiden name was Foster. She married my grandpa, Rocco Impaglia who died a year before I was born. Meme had seven girls and two boys, the youngest girl being my mom. My grandma had eleven grandchildren and 3 Sons in law. Meme loved to golf a lot and that was a great part of our relationship. Meme led our family to where we are today, a very close and strong family that can get through anything together. It’s hard not to think that when a big person in the whole family’s life leaves, that the family won’t see each other anymore. Our family is very close still, which makes me feel very happy and comfortable.
My relationship with Meme was very special. She had alzheimers for about two-three years. It is very hard remembering all our memories before that. I used to always watch her during her alzheimers stage, until my mom thought it was a good idea for me not too, just in case something happened. I have a bunch of cute stories with Meme during her disease and before.

Before, Meme used to always, I mean always, take us out to dinner. If she didn’t take us out to dinner, we would go to her house and she would make her amazing food! My favorite was her green bean casserole. If I was just bored around the house, she would make me anything I wanted! One night, when I was watching her, she asked me if I was hungry and would like to go out and get a bight to eat. This time is during the disease and her family already told her she couldn’t drive. I felt terrible, I would always say something like “Well, Aunt Kiki has dinner planned for you.” My aunt Kiki lives with her. I would do anything to be able to get in the car with her and have her take me somewhere. She would prefer Balloons Restaurant, her favorite! My grandma also had the closet of a princess! She had this very long closet that was against her whole wall! In her early middle stage of alzheimers, the whole family decided to move her into the living room, with a hospital bed, because she couldn’t go up the stairs anymore. But she always still remembered her room! She would always ask to go up there , I wish I could have let her. The Reason why I brought up the closet is she was such a fashionable person! My favorite thing to do was to help her pick out her outfits! I still did when she wasn’t allowed up there.

A funny memory from before her disease, was when we made a surprised trip to Connecticut where part of our family lives. It was me, meme, and my mom, and I we went up there for my cousins baby shower. My aunt didn’t know we were coming and she was in a shoe store named Bob’s. My mom called her just casually talking on the phone, while meme and I tiptoed into the store and meme said in one, two, three, scream surprise! Meme and I got behind a stack of shoes my aunt was looking at, and we jumped out! Surprise! That was such a fun time. I miss those times so much.

Exam week was starting, and school was just about over. I slept over my friend’s house, and I woke up at two in the morning to a text from a close family friend saying “Your grandma is in my thoughts and prayers.” I could feel my heart pounding so fast, like it was going to break out of my chest. I didn’t know what was going on with my grandma! This was all during her disease! So I called my mom, and when she didn’t pick up, I got even more nervous! Next I called my sister Taylor, she answered and said Meme has shingles and she is failing but she never told me the whole problem. I came home to my mom telling me that Hospice (who takes care of her) said that by the weekend, she will be gone. Also, all my aunts and my uncle are flying in. Once I knew this was serious, I didn’t know what to do! I had no intention to do any studying, I couldn’t even focus in review! All I knew I could do was pray that God wouldn’t let her suffer anymore, and that he would let her go to peace. But I would miss her terribly.

The few days before the weekend flew by! Family in and out, a tons of sadness, but equal amount of laughter from memories. Everyday I would go into the room that she was in, and just sit and talk to her, whether she was sleeping or just couldn’t respond. I would tell her how school went, golf, and studying for exams. I told her how much I would miss her. Well, the day came. I woke up, headed to Memes for some breakfast, and then my cousin took me to the school. I forgot to say goodbye to my grandma that day, if only I knew. I was in the middle of the Regents when my teacher told me that my mom said to go to the office when I am done. My mom never calls the office! So, I knew the time had come. I was thinking in all different directions. Earth Science was not in definitely my thinking area right then. I received the test results, and I failed. But this was a very difficult time for me, and my parents understood that. I would do anything, just anything to go back that day and give my grandma one last kiss and hug.

From this experience, I have learned that life is very short and you should never take a minute of your life for granted with someone who is very special to you. Although my grandma has passed, she lived in my heart and her memories are still very strong. She is one of my role models and I love her very much.

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