October 4, 2012


I am I very good student when it comes to school. I am just lazy and I don’t like homework. I do my work I just don’t do everything right. And I really do not like to study for test or quizzes. So this is how I learned that being a procrastinator isn’t the best thing to be in life.

Last year, I was in the ninth grade. Meaning it is not middle school any more, so just doing homework every once in a while isn’t going to get me threw like it used to. And I didn’t understand that procrastination is terrible until later in the year. And the teachers don’t chase people down when they don’t do their work like they did in middle school. So if I missed a test the teacher wouldn’t tell me, because school is my responsibly, not the teachers. I did my homework in all of my classes besides Spanish. And that was probably the worst decision I have ever made because I am not good at Spanish at all.

During Spanish class I had all of my friends in there like XXX and YYYY. And we thought we would be the “cool kids” and not do our work or care if we fail. Well now we care. So we would talk and take out our phone and text each other. We just didn’t take the class seriously like we should. We took it for granted. And after not doing anything and throwing out all of the homework and class work papers, we never got the notes we needed so if we ever studied we wouldn’t have anything to study on. And that Spanish class defiantly was the worst class our teacher has ever had. Sometimes our class we would so bad she would just stop teaching because she gave up on us because no one would ever pay attention. I was a procrastinator. I regret being a procrastinator.

Then in the last month of school I looked at my grades in that class. That was the only one I was failing in every other class I was doing great in then there was a fifty on my grades list. I never thought that would happen to me. My heart dropped. I couldn’t stop how I was going to fail and how bad that would look on my college application. How I wouldn’t be able to get into UMUC (University of Maryland University College). I was just over thinking everything and I felt all of this pressure come on my shoulders like one hundred pounds of pure stress. It was the worst possible feeling I could ever image.

So when the regents came and I didn’t understand anything on the paper or what the teacher was reading us. I felt so stupid. I felt like I was the dumbest person in the room because I would look around and everyone was writing and I was sitting there looking at the paper. Nothing in the whole year I was in the class I could remember. It was like everything on my brain left and would never come back.

The test results came and I got 53% on the Regents. I failed and then tenth grade came and I have to take Spanish 2 again, but this time I have to take it with all freshmen. And I feel dumb. I learned that I couldn’t procrastinate.

The author's comments:
Procrastination is the worst.

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