October 15, 2012
By Anonymous

I have to admit. I was absolutely furious. My blood, all gathering up into my hand, ready to slap him across the face with all the strength I could gather up. The only word that went through my head was, “STUPID!” Continuously, this word, just flew by my eyes, word after word, “STUPID!”, “STUPID!”, “STUPID!” on and on.

The folder my ridiculously psychopath teacher used to return homework back to us was in my hands. I had noticed earlier that he did not remove his homework from the folder earlier. I saw him when he was flipping through the twenty or so pages that were from the students after his when I thought to myself, “Gosh! This kid is so ridiculously nosey, looking through everyone’s homework grades.” The folder finally got into my hands and I noticed that my homework was not in there. I looked through one more time, flipped through each of the twenty sheets of paper and did not find my graded assignment. I thought to myself, “there is absolutely no way my crazy teacher would misplace my assignment.” I looked again, and again, at least three more times. There was simply, no assignment that belonged to me.

A feeling of worry fell upon me. Remembering that I had earlier let him use my homework assignment as a reference, I realized that my teacher must have realized that our homework assignments were similar. I wondered whether I should confront my teacher regarding my missing homework. But I did not want to sound too pushy or crazy about my grades, considering my horrible grades in this class. Throughout the entire class, the thought of this homework assignment, the idea of plagiarism, the idea of cheating, the idea of being caught, being found guilty, ruining my reputation with a teacher I had known for years, ruining my future, every worse case scenario, went through my head. One after one, non stop.

The bell finally rang and I left for the day. Only returning the next day realizing once again the same thing had happened. I told myself, “Nah, don’t worry. This is probably because he is mixing your homework with another class’ homework. No need to worry. If there were any issues he would have confronted you about the issue the previous day.” So basically, I sat there for a calm forty minute class and after the bell rang, I went up to my teacher and said, “I have not gotten back my last two homework assignments yet.” And guess what, my teacher smiled at me and said, “about that...” and called him up and told us that our homework assignments are mockingly similar. The moment I heard this, I was literally going to break apart and cry. No joke. The me who everyone thought was least likely to cry, was going to cry. I was seriously, ready to drop onto the floor and just cry. Cry my lungs out. However, I did exactly the opposite. I walked out solemnly, without a sound, with my two homework assignments that had crossed out 100s and “NO CREDIT” written on them.

The feeling of being wrongly accused. I wish it had applied. Honestly, don’t you think it was partially my fault for giving him the assignment in the first place? That has been what I have been telling myself ever since this incident has occurred. Of course I told him that it was absolutely find that I just so happened to receive two zeros on my assignments. I could not get myself to tell him that I could not forgive him and I would hate him until the day I die. Honestly, I don’t know if I should throw away this friendship that never started.
In our world, it is only I who can forgive. My teacher obviously forgave me by not reporting up to higher authority of course. BUT! I STILL GOT THAT TWO ZEROS!!!

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