Facing Fears

October 3, 2012
By ekelly2015 SILVER, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
ekelly2015 SILVER, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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SkyRush: the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster at Hershey Park. This ride is also known as my biggest fear. For someone else this ride might not seem all that scary. To me though, this was absolute terror. The 200 foot ascent is frightening to someone who isn’t a big fan of roller coaster. And the 86 degree drop is even more terrifying. But after I chickened out of riding this a first time, I wasn’t going to again.

My scholastic scrimmage team and I were going to Hershey Park. Our advisor, Mr. Hauze decided to take us after our successful year. We were all so excited. Bronson, Tai Xi, Haley and Mr. Hauze couldn’t wait to ride all the roller coasters. I however, wasn’t. I loved going to Hershey Park, don’t get me wrong, but the only roller coasters I would ride would be the wooden ones. They were all talking about riding SkyRush.

The ride there was filled with laughs and talk about next season. But there I was sitting there about an hour away from my death. I was trying to tell myself I would be fine, but it wasn’t really working. After the last hour of our trip was over, we were there. We go out of Mr. Hauze’s car and headed to the park entrance. We went through chocolate world, which was ok, but then we entered the actual park and headed straight to SkyRush.

As soon as I entered the park I could see the bright yellow track. My heart beat speed up and I was trying not to show it. We went straight to SkyRush, not stopping to ride one ride at all. The scrim team, Mr. Hauze, and I all got it in. The line wait was about an hour and a half. Ninety minutes for me to get my thoughts together. We slowly moved through the line, and with each step, my heart beat got faster.

We were still waiting in line and we were getting closer and closer. I thought about getting out of line a few times, but I stayed. Bronson kept making this experience worse for me. He was standing behind me saying all these about roller coasters and was trying to freak me out. Haley was ready to punch him for doing this. Tai Xi was being her typical self and was trying to comfort me. Mr. Hauze on the other hand, was pretending he didn’t know us at all. During all of this we kept getting closer and closer to the loading platform, and soon we were there.

Waiting in line on the loading platform was the worst. I saw people getting on and off and saw the ride’s cart rise up and up until I couldn’t see it anymore. Finally we made it on the ride. I was on the verge of having an anxiety attack when we were getting on. It was too late to chicken out. I was strapped in and the ride started. As soon as we got to the top of the hill I started screaming and didn’t stop.

About a minute later the ride ended. When I got off my whole body was shaking. Before I went on I thought I was going to throw up. After I got off, I was really glad I did it. Mr. Hauze, Bronson, Tai Xi, and Haley told me that they knew I could to it and said that I loved it and not lie. To be honest though I was pretty glad I did it. I was happy that I faced my fear. It’s a part of life to face fears and get over them. Though I get a gut retching feeling in my stomach when I talk about SkyRush or see it, I’m happy I rode it and I’m never riding it again.

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