October 1, 2012
By suzikabloosie BRONZE, Ashby, Massachusetts
suzikabloosie BRONZE, Ashby, Massachusetts
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HOW TO BE A CRAZY CAT LADY: PART 1. I’m a recent MVA Graduate, and I promised I wouldn’t cry, but I’m just thinking about cats again! And I want them. I want them in a basket. I want little bow ties. I want them to be on a rainbow. I want them in my bed! I can’t - I just can’t. No weddings for this lady. English news report with the cat lady that owns 130 cats. 136 cats in a small apartment - insane cat lady. Fur handbag ideas! Cat lady makes bags out of fur, Cat lady of the month! Dead cats found in lady’s freezer. NONONONONO cat.

Love funny cat videos? Catvertising, videos for cats. Audio and visual Catnip Entertainment: Fish tank, Amazonian fish tank, crickets, squirrels, birds and squirrels, winter birds 2, woodpeckers, house finches and more!

Nora the piano cat, pat the cat, Charlie Schmidt’s keyboard cat - THE ORIGINAL, Supercats! Skittles touch cat, Mr Jingles - the showering cat, cat lasagna? NONONONONO cat.

Stuff I love: Cats and Bunnies. Cats and Dolphins, Raccoon and Cat Playing, cat vs. Toaster, cat vs. Plastic cup, bag, treadmill, balloon, blue ray layer, bubble wrap, deer, laser pointer, Easter Eggs, metronome. Boots and cats, Cat in pot 2, Thriller cat...wait for it. Dog farts and makes a funny face. NONONONONO cat.

HOW TO BE A CRAZY CAT LADY: PART 2. Cats have nine lives, so I made up nine rules. 1) get a cat, 2) pet the cat (pet pet pet pet pet pet pet) 3) since you have a fancy cat, it is best to give it fancy feast. So get your fancy cup, and feed it to your very fancy cat. 4) meow with your cat, copying inflections. 5) groom the cat. 6) roll around with your cat! 7) now follow your cat. 8) have a staring contest with your cat. And finally 9) the most important rule is to love your cat. Might as well be nice to cats, they run the internet. Meow.

You know, when I was back in college all my friends would say:

“You know Coco, one day you’re gonna grow up and be a crazy cat lady.” and I’d say “that’s mrs crazy cat lady to you!” but a lot has happened since then, moved to New York, got two roommates. Say hi Benji and Mufasa!

News for how many cat videos are on the internet. Cats - know your meme. Sad french kitty wins ‘best cat video on the internet.’ first internet cat video festival being held today in Minneapolis … A film Festival for internet cat videos - NYTimes.com. In search of the living purring, singing heart of the online cat … Internet cat video film fest draws 10,000 people. 10 google pages.

Cat Video Addiction: the Latest Epidemic

The author's comments:
just type in Cat in the YouTube browser, and you'll be able to find all of these videos.

disclaimer: I am not a crazy cat lady. Although I do love my Bobo and Binx-man.

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