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September 28, 2012
January 15, 2001
‘’Get out you crack addict out now’’ the words that rocked me to the core. My mother was slowly walking out of the crack house. She has sold everything her soul, dignity, self worth, and pride. Next stop Mr. Cho’s to get some scraps if it’s a good day. We live in a rundown apartment in
Detroit, Michigan.

Later that night I hear the screams of my little sister as my mother’s boyfriend grabs a plastic bag and chokes her. My little sister’s eyes bulge as He pulls harder he finally stops and I fill relief and anger.

January 16, 2001

7:24 my mom is gone she probably went on a vacation .We are left weeks at a time to fens for ourselves hungry, alone and scared. We take the bus and act as if we come from a great caring and loving family which is far from the truth. When I got home the door was locked a big red notice was on the door we were getting evicted and this time

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Chyaa_Mariee said...
Nov. 10, 2012 at 8:31 pm
This is not the last of my work im starting a novel this summer
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