Unexpected Call.

October 4, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a warm day where my family was sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee and talking about life. That’s when we got a phone call that we wish we would never get. That phone call changed our whole family’s life and our perspective on some things in our life at that time. The person that was on the other side of the phone was one of my dear uncle he said that he had some really important news to share with us and that it’s not easy for him to say it. Next thing we know my uncle is crying on the phone my mother was the one speaking to him she asked him what is wrong. What had happen? He took a deep breath and said to my mother that my grandfather had just passed away. After that my mother faces had turn the opposite of what it was five minutes ago. She didn’t say a word and she gave the phone to my loving father he asked her what happen? She didn’t answer and she had that shocked/sad face she didn’t know what to tell my father.

My father was sitting next to my mother he started wondering what my uncle had told her. So he took the phone from her and he answered my uncle asking what happen in an angry tone. My uncle repeated what he told my mother. We could see my father’s eyes tearing inside but he didn’t want show it. He talked to my uncle for ten minutes or so and he put the phone down on the table. There was a long silence in our backyard we just sat there thinking about what my uncle told us and what my grandfather said before he passed away. My father took a deep breath and told my mother I have to go overseas for my father funeral. They called a friend and booked a ticket the next day. The next day came we had to go to school we woke up and we saw his bags all ready. We could tell that he couldn’t wait to be there. My sister and I knew that his not going to be home when we finish but we also knew that he have to be next to my uncle at this moment. Now my father didn’t see his father or his family for about four years he didn’t want goes back to his dad funeral but he had to go. When he got there safely he called us to tell us that he arrived. He also told us what my grandfather had said before he passed away. He said “I wish that Eid (my father) and his kids to be here right now” we felt guilty because he has asked us to send him some photos before but we didn’t have the chance to send them to him. We felt that that was our fault and that we could of giving him what he wished for.

It’s been two years since my grandfather had passed away but we know that he’s down here with us watching over us every second of our life’s. Sometimes when we’re sitting and drinking some tea my dad would tell us stories about my grandfather and him, and how he uses to treat his kids and his wife. I can truly say that he is a great role model for his family and his entire friend. He used to be a great man and he would never be forgotten. I wasn’t really close to my grandfather but I respected him and loved him like any other child loves his/her grandfather. The moment that my parents told us that he passed away I felt something in my heart just break. It’s been two years and every time I talk about it I still feel pain in my heart. Now every time we go oversees the first thing we do is go visit his grave, and when we land the next day we have to go visit him. And that’s one moment in my life that basically changed our lives.

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