The Day it Happened

October 4, 2012
By Anonymous

My experience was having my parents go through a divorce. From this experience I learned that if you have the strength, you can leave your old life and become free again and also start a new beginning. This experience has taught me not to take anything for granted because it could be taken away at any moment.

This past year has been hard for my family and I. One would think that we were one big happy family, but it was so much different than that. My parents only stayed together for the sake of me and my little brother and it did bad more than it did good. My father was never the nicest man and my mother does just about everything for my brother and me. Once my brother and I were old enough to understand the situation my parents were in, we wanted it to stop. My mother and father always said that they were going to divorce, but never followed through with it. That only resulted in hurting my brother and me. One afternoon my parents were arguing like they always do, but it got out of control. My brother and I couldn’t handle the stress anymore so we both got the courage to tell my parents that it was time to get it done and over with and just divorce.

It was official, my parents were divorced and it gave both my mother and father a chance to start a new life and break free from all the stress of being together. My brother and I decided to live with our mom and to go with our dad on the weekends. The couple of weeks after the divorce were pretty rough but we managed to stay strong. My mom was upset for a while, but then realized that she deserved to be happy. A huge weight was definitely lifted off of all our shoulders and everyone was happier. A couple of months later both my mom and dad found new partners and they were both very nice to my brother and to me. I’m so glad that in the end everything worked out in my mom’s and dad’s favor. Also, my brother and I are very happy. Sometimes they still fight but it was worth it in the end.

From this experience I learned that you should never take anything for granted. I was glad that my parents were together for as long as they were, but I’m also happy that they both are happier without each other. I also learned that you can start fresh and be happy once you’ve gotten the negative things out of your life. My parents weren’t happy at all together. Once they divorced, I noticed a total difference in my mom’s and dad’s attitudes. My father has been so nice to my brother and me and never yells or argues anymore. And my mom is getting married soon and I have never seen her so happy in my life.

The experience of my parents getting divorced has taught me any things. It has also affected my life very positively and not at all badly. I’m very thankful that things turned out the way they did and from this experience I learned that you can leave your old life behind and be free if you have the strength to.

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