Military is family

October 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Do you ever think about the people that are overseas fighting and what their families are going through? When my cousin made the decision to go into the Army, it affected my family. Those are the people you go to for anything and no matter what they will always be by your side. Through thick and thin family is always there for you. I believe family is the most important thing in the military.

When someone goes into the military everyone thinks about what their family must say and if he/she is making the right decision. Some people think there doing a good thing, fighting for our country, others think they’re making a bad decision and they should be doing something good with their lives. In my point of view, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, except your family.

When my cousin first told his parents he was going in the Army, my aunt begged him not to do it. She didn’t want her son to make the wrong decision and have something to happen to him. Once he explained he wanted to fight for his country and he knew it was what he had to do, everyone understood. My grandpa is a veteran and he was so proud of him when he found out. My family was proud of him.
Maybe not every family has someone in the military whether it is the Navy, Armed Forces, Air Force, Marine Corps, or the Coast Guard, but among other people in the military they have families.

Thinking about what they go through and how they feel when they get to talk to him/her should make you happy that there going away to fight for your country and be away from their family for so long. The joy of knowing him/her is doing well and that they might be coming home soon. I know that when my cousin calls, my whole family is happy to know he’s doing well and how his wife and new baby boy are doing. Family is what gets them through everything they go through, knowing they’ll come home to people he/she loves and will tell him/her that they’re proud of what they’ve done for the country.

I truly believe family is what gets you through life, hard times and good times. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks only your family matters because those are the people that will be there until the very end. Those are the people that will tell you if you made a bad or good decision. Your family will be there even if they don’t 100% agree with you, they will stick by you until have succeeded. That is what they are there for.

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