Will you make it to the top?

October 4, 2012
I believe in ladders. They are always there to help you get to the top. I read a quote on time that went like this, “The toughest part of getting to the top of the ladder, is getting through the crowd at the bottom.”
That quote means a lot to me. Everyone tries to get to the top, high up in the clouds, to reach their dream and climbing up that ladder is where it all starts.
I try and reach for my dreams never let that crowd at the bottom get in the way, I push my way though, to be an individual. Without a sturdy ladder (or dream), I’ve learned that you can’t get past all the obstacles ahead of you.
Wobbly and unsteady; I think I’m going to fall but I regain my composure and keep on climbing. There are those times when I reach broken rungs on the ladder, when things do not work out the way I want to. I get a little lost and I don’t know what to do but then I pull myself up past that broken piece. I keep going instead of turning around and going back. I move forward up that ladder.
That ladder is your support system without it id be struck down at the bottom in that crowd, not following my dreams. It gives you something to hold onto when things get rough. It keeps you standing tall.
I learned I need to climb up that ladder as high as I can, get to the top. To not let broken rungs get in the way! Pull myself up and get past it. On top of the world is where I want to be, on top of my goals.
Striving to reach the top is what has kept me going for what some may say is the impossible. Never let anyone stand in my way down at the bottom because when I was down there I could only go up from there, right?
Taking that first step is all I needed to do. I learned to never look back down that ladder; I have to keep moving forward no matter what happens. I don’t live in the past I move forward in my life and live for today. Every day brings me closer to my goals and reaching the top.
Sometimes it gets lonely being on the ladder working for my goals because not everyone believes in me. I force myself to get past that; I try to prove everyone who doubted me wrong. That is what keeps me climbing, because I work to better myself.
I believe with a strong mind, I can do anything I put my mind to. Never live with doubts because they just push my dreams farther away from me. I push myself up my ladder daily. I have my struggles but getting past them is the rewarding part of it all. That’s what keeps me going strong.
If anyone ever asked me how I do it, my answer would be simply being that I never stop going. I strive and strive to move up that ladder until I reach the top! Never let anyone or anything throw me off course. I have to be strong and work as hard as I can so I don’t let people change my mind.
I believe in ladders. They can be as short or as tall as your dreams are. Working past every obstacle is what is most rewarding. Moving past the struggles and the rough patches are what keeps me going into the clouds to reach for what I believe in. The motivation is the best part, proving to the people who do not believe in you wrong, it keeps me strong. I strive for perfection in every dream I conquer.
I believe in believing in yourself when no one else does because that is what is going to keep your going up the ladder as far as you can. Keep on moving!

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