I Believe in Second Chances

October 4, 2012
By Olivia Roth BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Olivia Roth BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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I Believe in Second Chances.
“Why do people have jobs, if they don’t try their hardest at them?” my dad always asked me as if I would tell him the answer he wanted to hear – they don’t. My dad, like most other people, didn’t like to see people not try. As many people there are that love to help others, we all know there are selfish people in the world, who care only about themselves and their wealth rather than doing good things for others.
I believe in second chances. When I started at my job at Boston Market in September of last year, I was so appreciative. After a few months of working at the same place, doing the same thing every single day, dealing with costumers, I started getting lazy and not wanting to do my job. I started not caring and telling myself and friends of mine I didn’t want to go to work.

“I’m too worn-out to work,” I would complain.
No matter whom I said it to; I always got the same response.

“Do it for the money. At least you’re getting paid.”
Of course most of my friends are without a job and desperately looking.

“You’re lucky you even have a job,” they all bark.
Although it seemed like agony, I went almost every day. I complained all until my paycheck slapped me in the face. To get that paycheck made it worthwhile. When at work, I wasn’t thinking about getting paid. Working, getting paid to do easy tasks, was nowhere near as entertaining as doing something I chose. Aside of the magnificence of getting paid, the strain of work was grueling. Stubborn, inflexible costumers, waiting for food, bossy managers, it all adds up. Sometimes I don’t think I get paid enough to handle the level of stress. Not enjoying my work was really putting a damper on the way I started acting at work.

During the work day is when I seemed to be the fondest of my cell phone. It’s as if as soon as I walk into work everyone in my phone has a trigger to text and call me. I started getting lazy at work, texting, and eating the restaurant food. My managers constantly told me to get off my phone. Being my stubborn self, I couldn’t help but send a text message here and there. Instead of doing my work, I would be on my phone, drinking a drink that a co-worker and I came up with - Raspberry lemonade, lemonade, and sweet tea. Delicious!
When my dad brought up how people get jobs and don’t do them it made me think about how I wasn’t doing my job to the best of my capability. I knew I could improve my performance at work, and so did my work members. My dad opened my eyes to new responsibilities for myself. He showed me how much better I can be not only at my job, but in existence.
Today, I have a whole different perspective on work. I am glad my dad made me realize what I was doing before I got fired and it was too late. I now recognize that I am lucky to have a job, and get along with my co-workers.

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