Personal Narrative

October 4, 2012
By xLogicly BRONZE, Auburn, NY, New York
xLogicly BRONZE, Auburn, NY, New York
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Anthony Farrelly

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Personal Narrative

October 4, 2012

It was about one day before Thanksgiving. My mom called me downstairs because she had to tell me something important. When I got downstairs she said that she wanted to do something different this year. I asked her what she wanted to do differently. She said, “I think we should go to the soup kitchen, and feed the people who don’t have what we do”. I told her that I would do it. The next day when we had gotten up it was Thanksgiving. I was a little nervous because I had never been to the soup kitchen before. We arrived at the soup kitchen at about 12:30 p.m.

We got there early so we could start preparing the food. We were making the food for about one hour. People started coming to the soup kitchen at 2 o’clock. When people were in the line getting their food I noticed that they were dressed really badly, because they couldn’t afford any good clothes. About 10 minutes had passed and everyone was sitting down eating their food so we didn’t have to serve them anymore. Then my mom and me got a plate of food and started to eat. It broke my heart, though, to see all of these people who didn’t have the kind of stuff that I did. My mom and I met some of the people that were there at the soup kitchen. We stayed at the soup kitchen because we had to clean up after everybody left. We ended up staying there for about two and half hours. Then we were finished cleaning and everything so my mom and me left the soup kitchen. When we got home I was very happy that I went with my mom to the soup kitchen because it was an amazing experience. I learned that I shouldn’t take things for granted, that I should appreciate them because not everybody has what I do.

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