My Cousin Kristin

October 4, 2012
By Anonymous

There was an event in my life where I learned that life can change very quickly and take something away from you that you cared for very much. When I was twelve years old, I lost my cousin Kristin to cancer.
Kristin had what is called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Kristin and I were very close to each other. I would hang out with her almost every day. Neither of us had any brothers or sisters, so she was like my big sister and I was like her little brother. Kristin had gone on almost every one of our vacations with us. She would always make me laugh she was very daring. She was the one who persuaded me to go on many amusement rides which I would never have gone on without her. My mom would cringe when we were on the rides until she could hear the two of us giggling and screaming.

Kristin was sick for three years and during that time she was in and out of the hospital many times. She had a bone marrow transplant and we couldn’t even visit her for almost a month due to the doctors trying to prevent her from getting any type of infection. She’s had gone through chemotherapy, which made her sick and loose her hair. Kristin had taken many medications that made her puff up like a balloon. The medications affected her heart and she had to have an oxygen tank to help her breathe. But to me, I never saw a difference in her, she was still the same Kristin to me.

I have only lost two other people in my life. They were my grandma and my grandfather. My grandfather died when I was seven years old. I don’t really remember too much from that happening. My grandma died very recently which was about one week ago. She was someone I really cared about and she was very important to my life and me. She died at Ninety years old. But having spent three years with Kristin while she was sick, I learned more about cancer and hospitals and the way that the people inside the hospital help the sick people. I think the three years with Kristin when she was sick. I think the three years with Kristin when she was sick helped me to be more caring and not to be afraid of a sick person.

Through Kristin, my friends and I have become involved with The American Cancer Society and The Relay For Life. One of my other cousins is one of the event organizers. Kristin’s friends made a team for her that was named “ Live, Laugh, Love.” Kristin was there for the relay in 2008 and also in 2009. Kristin died in 2009, but her friends and family still keep her team going each year. My friends and I carry the banner for the walk. We like going to the Relay For Life because there are a lot of activities going on and everyone Is there for a common cause. Having lost a close family member when I was young, I learned that you can’t always be prepared for what life throws at you, but you need to learn how to work your way through it. Even though you may be sad and not understand why things happen, life does go on. Pictures and happy memories always help you to remember that person. By being involved with the Cancer Society, I may be able to help someone else one day.

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