Sanctuary .

September 22, 2012
By Unknown-Child BRONZE, South Gate , CA, California
Unknown-Child BRONZE, South Gate , CA, California
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Do you have a sanctuary? If so , what is it. Mine’s is simple , It’s My room its where i feel safe from everyone else. I’ve been noticing how happy i feel when i’m alone. I don’t know how to explain this , but i just do. Being in my room is like heaven in a way Since i’m free from discrimination, i can do whatever i want and whenever i want. i don’t think your catching my drift , if so i’ll try to explain myself a little better. A sanctuary is a sacred place. A place in which you feel safe. Therefore , think hard. Where is your sanctuary , is it when your at school? I hope not , since school would be the last place to be called a sanctuary, the reason why i say this because high school isn’t the best 4 years of your life. well maybe it is, but then again it isn’t. High school is a place where best friend’s become complete strangers or worse . there enemies. Its also a place in which guys choose the wrong path and where girls get knocked up and with that said , i’m pretty sure it isn’t a safe place. Actually High school is a safe place to learn but not to grow up. I have to go, i’ll be back later. I’ll think of something new to write about. With that said , Good bye .

Sincerely ,

That one kid .

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