The Greatest Concert

September 20, 2012
The lights dimmed on the crowd with the stage still illuminated by a few rouge lights. The crowd was screaming names who would only be heard by a few through the roars of lost words. As soon as they took the stage, there was not a single body sitting. It seemed as though there was an army of musical talent advancing before us. Everything soon stops. I hear whispers of, “where’s Bruce,” over and over again. Then, the electrified crowd sparked into a frenzied inferno. The roaring audience could be heard a mile in every direction. The only sound heard among us was his voice in the microphone. It sounded as though he had been through rough times, and he has. The world knows he has. For three non-stop hours the band played their hearts out. Both old and new songs were played, but there was one particular song that stole our hearts. When the band reached the lines, “we made a change of town, and the Big Man joined the band,” the room emptied of all sounds of drums, and guitars, and horns. On the two large screens hanging above the stage were pictures and video clips slowly transitioning in and out. A tribute to their fallen member once known as the, “Big Man.” The crowd screamed, “Clarence! Clarence!” as the large, black man wielding a golden saxophone was shown performing through his life, entertaining billions, and dancing on stage without a care in the world. He had gone down, in our hearts, as the world’s greatest saxophone player, the man who saved the band, and the man who filled our hearts with joy for a few minutes or a few hours. Now the concert has, sadly, come to a close. I would have a grin stretching from ear to ear for the rest of the weekend. I will remember that night as the greatest night of my life.

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