The Last Summer Without Her

September 19, 2012
By JimenaLC BRONZE, Austin, Texas
JimenaLC BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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I entered my apartment, usually my grandma was preparing tons of food for us, but not this time. Today was the first Christmas vacation without my grandmother, everyone felt so sad and nobody talked about her, that made me feel gauche. My grandfather didn’t go out of his room, he was crying all the time because all the memories returned when we entered our apartment. The apartment felt alone like if it was new and nobody has ever entered there. My grandmother was the most awesome and intelligent person I have ever known, she played tennis and she danced at the age of 78, she was a good women, she helped everyone she could, so when people tried to sell her silly stuff, she bought them, even though she didn’t needed it. My grandmother had cancer. Her hair started to fall 2 months after the doctor detected her cancer she was so desperate because she knew she couldn’t do anything to cure her sickness. I felt like if they took part of my heart and threw it to a lake full of hungry crocodiles when they told me she was dead. I was going to die too because I couldn’t resist not seeing her anymore. It was 3: 43 in the morning when she died, I know that because my mother had woke me up and told me that terrible news. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t believe that such a strong women could die in such a few time! Cancer was the one who ruined all our happiness, it had made her weak and us too. My grandfather was devastated, he had lived almost all his life with her, they knew each other since they were 15 years old and he loved her with all his heart. My grandfather died 7 months after my grandmother did, he was always asking God to take care of her, and he always told us that he needed to be with her and that he could not resist any more without being by her side.

My grandpa died this summer, he died with a smile on his face, and everyone thinks it was because he had seen my grandmother. The night before he died, he told us “Enjoy every moment, don’t think about the past, and don’t think about the future, because the past cannot be changed and the future haven’t passed, live the moment”. Those were his last words, and these words and his way of treating people will stay in our hearts forever.

Every 5 months all my family gets together from all over the world and we pray for both of them, so they can be living happily and they are having a great time in heaven. I believe that the people who die, died because they have completed the mission that God gave us when we came to Earth.

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