The Apple

September 18, 2012
By cryingalonewithcats PLATINUM, Waynesville, Ohio
cryingalonewithcats PLATINUM, Waynesville, Ohio
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I bite down, the apple comes of in a chunk, skin and all. As I chew, the apple slowly moves from one side of my mouth to the other. The bitter-sweet, apple-y taste floods my mouth. I finish chewing and swallow, a little piece of the skin sticks to the roof of my mouth. I use my tongue to peel it off and swallow again. I bite again, this time taking a larger piece. I chew, swallow, and take yet another bite. this bite is little sweeter than the rest. Taken from a different side of the apple. In a couple more bites the apple is gone and I am left nibbling around the skin on the side of the core.

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