'Into Unbearable Lightness'

September 13, 2012
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"Although she spoke, nobody listened and in turn he in indifference heard. In a free spirit, of the wave she had become, a tide allowed her to flow that day into the direction of a shore’s embrace which rejected her at once. A soothing saline drip of a scrutinized soul, to carry on the walk back where he’d send her home in a departing tone. Her mind drained, exhausted upon with each word; for how could his words not be false if the actions left nothing to hold on. There is this point at which, tears do drip involuntarily and the present glimpse in an eye ceases to align and so you’d find yourself a stone, cemented somehow within that moment and in this cleansing numbness you can no longer run. Confronted, in a reflection of a face you thought you have become, defeated by the only beholder of trust. The head dropping to level out, with the bare sickness on your inside. In a clearing breath, she’d then wink with a sigh in recollection for all the meanwhile his body lingered, upon the stone in all that desponded within in it in disgust. Perhaps, only distorted in a moment which she knew wouldn’t last but in presence he broke all trust. She just left then, yet of course, he didn’t fight… which she would hang onto as the coward testimony, the one where not words inarticulate as you’d define, would be in fact held to judgment against the consequence his actions instigated. There in that plunging step, there came the unbearable lightness. It was a moment where burdened in a reduction to the beaten earth, for this insignificance the rejection sprang, allowed her to cease to exist. The train, she stood there a while longer awaiting, slashed the splashing sickness she’d been sedated with as all moments intimately together inebriated, concentrated in that passing train leading to her cauterization. "

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