Princess of my Dreams

September 9, 2012
By Rangerwolf SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
Rangerwolf SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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"Love is love and love is blind, its sole purpose being to pair each with one other." ~ A quote by me.

How my heart yearns, craves, for that love, the love that is part of every fairytale, for the princess, locked in her tower, guarded by some villainous monster bent on destroying everything that tries to save her. But my spirit yearns to run free, unhindered by the pesky burden of a damsel always in distress beckoning me, a wolf a knight bound to the land he swore to protect, and his order for which he fights, to save her every moment she is in distress. No I do not need a ball room girl who knows nothing outside of high society, bred not to think, to be waited on hand and foot and served food that comes from far and wide with the help of foreign chefs using foreign spices and recipes. But I do not need a girl, who will run off in search of danger even when told it is too dangerous, no I do not need that girl as a life partner, to bear my children while fighting alongside me. I would rather have a girl, well versed in both the life of riches and one who will be by my side when she can, one who possesses knowledge both in the forest and amongst nobles in a ball room, who has skill with sword and shield or bow and arrow and rhetoric. A girl who is confident in her abilities and looks, a girl such as me, a wolf at heart and spirit, a knight bound to the land, sworn to protect it and the clan she is with. That is the girl I want.

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