September 9, 2012
It's sort of funny, how you somehow meet this complete stranger, and are completely unaware of how much your life will change. How you can go from two utterly separate lives, to just one, uncompleted without the other. Like a puzzle, never to show the whole picture without every piece in place.

He is my puzzle piece.

When we first met, I must admit, I had no interest. But as the days slowly turned into nights, and once again into new days, completing it's vicious cycle, we became good friends. Friends who aren't quite best friends, but whom are more than just "friends", for the word wasn't strong enough to explain the type of relationship.

We began to tell each other secrets. Aspects of our lives of which we trusted with no other. Letting go of one insecurity after another, and hoping they would hold onto it, never escaping their grasp. It was a sort of relief, telling him every detail. Holding nothing back, in hopes that he would accept my multitude of flaws and look at me no differently. I had soon come to realize, I had a best friend. A relationship of which was closer than any other, even surpassing family. It's almost sad, trusting one single person with more than you trust your family...

Everyday it seemed, we would find some reason to see each other. At the time, I'd thought nothing of it. I thought of it as innocent fun, a friend I hung out with for the sake of good company, and more secret telling. I'd never be prepared for the text I'd receive. The text confessing his love for me.

The words repeated themselves in my head, jumbling each and every thought to be had. He loves me? How do I respond? What do I say? Will this friendship be the same?

Months rolled by and nothing had changed. Everything remained as it was. As if he'd never sent it, and I'd never seen. But something had changed. I suddenly felt unsure of myself. Second guessing. Did I love him as well? I thought for hours on end. It wasn't just his overwhelmingly beautiful personality. But, suddenly, every part of him became absolutely remarkable. His eyes. Those crystal clear pools of blue that stand out perfectly with his fair skin. The blond curly locks of hair I'd grown accustomed to playing with, fell flawlessly upon his head. The way he formed his words became so perplexing. Every move he made seemed carefully thought out. His scars became a beautiful feature of his skin, rather than a reminder of a previous accident. Every part of him truly became a masterpiece.

I'd fallen in love with my best friend.

When I'd finally told him the feeling was mutual, again nothing had changed. Our friendship remained, and we grew closer and closer with each passing moment. It was a comfort, knowing we didn't need to carelessly jump into a relationship. And I'd appreciated every moment I'd gotten to spend with him.

And then he kissed me.

It was a move, so swift, so quick. I needed a moment to think over what had just happened. I don't believe either of us had actually expected it. But I don't regret it.

You never expect to fall in love with your best friend. But when you do, and it works out? There are no better relationships.

I can promise you that.

I've got a relationship like none I've ever seen. Better than the movies. Better than the sappy couples that roam the streets, destined to break up over an argument they'll have in a week.

It's unreal. The complete trust, and honesty. The fact that no matter what we do, neither gets mad at the other. I can be myself. My whole self.

He's my puzzle piece. He's my best friend.

He's Dean.

He's quite literally, him.

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